Sanel stands for dynamic and power, Rhythm and tradition, with sounds which carry to far distances.

The way there is based with beginning of the early 90ies, already as a young teen Sanel started, to collect several music and sound, diverse styles, as they were played in the early Techno and House scenes.

This directly lead to a great fascination, especially the interaction of technologies, combined with natural sounds and classical arrangements.

By then, Sanel put together step by step, what had to be connected: His interest, his emthusiasm, his creativity. But also Influences of his origin.

Born in Germany, Sanel grew up in Bosnia, the home region of his parents. Traditional Balkan Folklore, lively, melodicly, full of emotion of the region.

Sanel is powerful and determined, but with this always lovingly, with focus on smallest details, variable, energetic.

Direction: pushing it all forward, Standing still means going backwards. Exactly these properties showing up in his sets.

Powerful beats access, and keep pushing it forward, in order to drive. Without leaving another Option. And then these described roots show up, in order to fill the complete construction of sound.

It all fuses – instrumental and vocal balkan elements, with electronic sounds, becoming a fascinating synthesis, pushing, and incomparable and distinctive.

Standing still means going backwards. So there is so much more to come.


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