Rini Shkembi

Between love and music, there is this difference: love can not give you an idea of the music, the music can give an idea of love.

From an early age was introduced to the world of music by his father , cultivated and influences from different genres of music especially hip hop, 90’s, jazz, funk and electronics without losing the traditional Balkan music (where the sounds of flute and mandolin clarinet dragged a certain magic in various sounds). Also attended and graduated in a music school in canto.

Rini associate the music to his traveling to the moments and memories left by them. Then starts the passion for the disco music and traveling attends several major international and local clubs. Rini thinks that music is not a question of numbers but of emotions experienced, sounds that convey the purity of the soul, music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable .He starts playing as a disc jockey at 13 years old.

At 17 years old he becomes the resident dj of Helpiscoming and he had the opportunity to play his music side by side with the greatest artists of these years. Always tried to assemble various kinds to reach a sound very experimental. Creative, curious, engaging, unique style, transmits passion and adrenaline.

In his sets manipulates, transforms sounds in search of the infinite possible combinations challenging fees and prejudices. He does not like to put limits to his sound in a single genre and is easily perceive its roots house, heavily influenced by techno and deep more ‘contemporary. Always looking for new challenges and objectives. Always experimenting with new ways, reinventing new languages.

The first of January 2012 was born AdMaiora records where Rini is one of the founders with his partner Gezim Vrioni. Admaiora is a label that knows no musical boundaries, mainly composed of young artists and international talent where there is the interweaving of cultures, art and tradition. Rini thinks that nothing is impossible and like everything you love , if you will done it with love at first , care and great effort you will do it very well.



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