Free Radio App for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Here are the easiest way to listen online our radio station – 24/7 nonstop on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Mobile & Tablet Radio App

Download our Free Radio App and listen to our online radio station with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Get it on App Store
Get it on App Store
Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play

Desktop Players

We compiled a list of “The 5 Best Desktop Media Players” to listen to our online Radio App on your Mac or PC.

VLC is a free & open source cross-platform player for Windows, Android, Mac, & more. Compatible Audio Playlist Format: .pls, .asx, & .ram

Winamp is a hugely popular & versatile audio media player for Windows. Compatible Audio Playlist Format: .pls

RealPlayer is a reliable & universal media player for Windows
Compatible Audio Playlist Format: .ram

QuickTime is an extensible multimedia framework developed by Apple for Mac & Windows. Compatible Audio Playlist Format: .qtl, & .pls

Windows Media Player is a media player and media library application developed by Microsoft. Compatible Audio Playlist Format: .asx

Playlist Formats

Here five solutions to feed your favorite Desktop Media Player with our radio playlist. Format included are .pls, .ram, .qtl & .asx

Find here a special .pls playlist format that allow you to bypass your working place firewall and enjoy our radio freely.


Live Sessions Monday to Friday

Online: player, FB Live and on our Radio App

On airwaves:
Ibiza Global Radio – Ibiza & Formentera: 100.8FM / Palma de Mallorca: 98.8 FM | 100.8 FM Ibiza & Formentera

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