Patrick Grooves

Argentina-born and New York-raised, Patrick Grooves was exposed as a youth to the cultural melting pot of New York City’s Lower East Side. His upbringing was set to the backdrop of Latin rhythms, hip-hop beats, rock ballads, and pop music staples. “CBGB was only a couple of blocks from my house,” he recalls. “That place birthed the Ramones as well as countless other acts that really defined that NY feel and attitude of the 70’s and 80’s. That was the era that gave NY its famous personality known all over the world today.”

Patrick began his adventure with music in college where he co-hosted a radio show for over three years at the university’s station. Piggy-backing off the radio show he soon began throwing local parties in and around the university, where he also began to put together his first DJ sets. He continued organizing and DJ’ing parties after graduating and took his career further by attending audio engineering school in NYC, which he completed in the summer of ’08.

Soon after, Patrick began working as a freelance engineer working with different producers, singers, and songwriters from various different genres of music. In the meantime, he continued to Dj parties all over the city, gaining a name and following for himself while continuously spinning at numerous venues in NYC’s Meat Packing District. Due to these gigs, he eventually found himself playing and traveling throughout the country bringing his music to many different venues and nightclubs.

Shortly after meeting the Martinez Brothers through longtime friend Filsonik, who had been working and Dj’ing with the duo since meeting them in ’07, they quickly became friends and he soon began playing gigs alongside of them. This eventually led to gigs with other major artists within the scene. Since then, Patrick has played in many countries and cities all over the world, including Ibiza, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Sweden, and Japan.

As well as in world renowned festivals such as Movement Detroit, WMC in Miami, and the BPM festival in Playa del Carmen. Not to mention major venues in his hometown of NY such as Output, Cielo, Verboten, Space NY, and Flash Factory.

His Dj sets are always cutting across and reflecting the diversity of the city where he comes from. Always looking to bring the unexpected to the crowd, he drops tracks from techno to house to disco…whatever he feels the moment calls for.

Looking into the future, Patrick will continue to tour with his music while also completing production projects set to be released in 2016. He is also now working with the Martinez Brothers’ as their label manager for their record label Cuttin’ Headz, which is also set to launch a radio show this year. The show will be hosted by The Martinez Brothers, Patrick, Jesse Calosso, and Gabriel Torres. They will be showcasing various artists as guests’ while introducing new music and upcoming artists within the global electronic music scene.


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