Orlando Villella

Orlando Villella is the founder and owner of Ibiza Miami Radio Record Label.

He is energetic, fast paced, highly dedicated to team work in the areas of music, production and fashion, creating successful events and productions.

Born in Italy, Orlando Villella discovered House music after he sneak out of the house one late night, as a preteen, and followed his older brother to a party.

When he arrived he heard the hypnotic deep bass coming from the speakers and his life was changed forever by this sound.

His travels in Ibiza, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Los Angeles and Costa Rica, inspire his plans to inject the house scene with his passion for music and life. His international experiences have led him to want to continue breaking the mold in music.

Taking his world renown radio and converting it into its own record label was a great step to crossing new boundaries. “Ibiza Miami Radio continues to push the levels of deep house and progressive house music globally with some of the best DJs,” Orlando Villella states, “Located in South Florida, Ibiza Miami Radio is in the perfect location for finding great, innovative artists and music.”

He has opened and collaborated with a lot of big name artists like: Jamie Jones, Solomun, Matador, Alicante and Patrick M. He has appeared in multiple publications and events including Ocean Drive Magazine and Donald Trump’s red carpet event in New York, ‘Dressed to Kilt’.

He is currently working on larger events for the masses, like this year, his participation in such events as Yocean Music Festival in April and opening for Luciano in Zürich in May and much more.


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