Olivier Berger

Olivier Berger traveling back and forth Europe and the US, for over a decade he then established himself as resident deejay of the biggest clubs in New York.

From Limelight back in the days, Arc/Vinyl for 2 years (home of Danny tenaglia) to Crobar among many others.

Recognized DJ, producer / engineer, Olivier has already produced many clubs tracks, remixes and albums including some distributed by universal music. it also appears on the compilation on Bedrock, Renaissance, Ministry of Sound and Buddha Bar to name a few.

Released recently Tracks on Soma record ,Suara and Gem records with long time partners Pig&Dan.

His work also appears in the film and tv series including the series CSI Miami (CSI).

He continued his activities as Dj and producer and lately was touring with Marco Carola (Music on) for nearly two years.

Olivier Berger is now in Barcelona mixing numerous artist at Martin Buttrich studio.

Artists are among the most persevering and courageous people on earth.

In a year, they live more difficult situations and failures than most people in a lifetime. Every day, artists face the financial challenge of being self-employed, lack of respect, misunderstanding of people who think they should find a “real job”, face their own fear of never working again again. Every day, they must ignore and go beyond the idea that what they spend their lives on is perhaps a pipe dream.

Every passing year, many of them look at people of their own age to go through the stages of a normal life: car, family, home and savings. But they remain true to their dreams despite the sacrifices made. Why ?

Because the artists are ready to dedicate their whole life to bring about this moment – that trait, that laugh, that gesture or that interpretation – that will touch the soul of the public. Artists are beings who have tasted the nectar of life, in this crystallized instant where their creations have touched the heart of the other.

At that moment, they are so close to magic, divine, perfection, as no one will ever be. And deep down in their hearts, they know that dedicating their lives to this moment is worth more than a thousand lives.


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