Matthew Lima

Matthew Lima grew up in Italy where at a very early age he developed a passion for music. As the years went by, he began to gain an understanding and knowledge of a variety of different genres and immediately fell in love with House Music.

This passion sparked his interest in DJing and producing and shortly thereafter he began to catch the interest of several clubs in northern Italy (Fluid Club, Mazoom, Magazzini Generali, Tocqueville, Sonido Club Torino etc.) and Spain at La Perla, Bora Bora Ibiza, BOOOM Ibiza. Matthew quickly developed into a top talent and began to play show all over Italy.

In 2014 star new collaboration and working in studio with NEVERDOGS (Music On) and Martin Patino (Cadenza Music) and played in Istanbul with SUMA Beach and SUMA Han, Greece (Athens), and The Egg in London (Neverdogs & Friends)

In 2015 Matthew played also in Mendeleev (Russia) ARIA and DeliÌ  (Tel Aviv) Russia in Moscow at Mendeleev Bar. synonymous with House Music for years to come!

Matthew Lima is well on his way to becoming a top figure in his class. With the launch of his new label and a vigorous release schedule, there is no question that Matthew will be a name that will be synonymous with House Music for years to come!


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