Marinella Constable aka Mariiin holds a strong interest in the world of electronic music for many years, a passion that has enriched until now of the most disparate musical influences. All her favourite artists have a common factor: the feeling toward all kinds of music.

A strong attitude to the sounds gained over many years of parties and festivals. After running the successful night “L’Appuntamento”, a series of events taking place every Friday at Salotto 22 in Caserta, she has become resident DJ of Nice To Be, an important event organisation based in Naples. Thanks to her residency she played alongside Miss Kittin, Nastia, Ellen Allien, Margaret Dygas, Avalon Emerson proving to have an unwavering determination and exceptional taste in music.

After moving in Leeds to start her PhD in Architecture, she is assimilating the artistic fervour that reigns in the English city, leading to increase her strong passion. Actually, she is playing in different events in Leeds, holding her residency in Naples, and together with other talented artists, she is part of a new interesting project called Equaliser, a project aimed to promote the talent of cis-women, trans women, non-binary and trans people.

In 2018 Mariiin has become resident also for a London based organization, Pleasure Club which is giving her the possibility to perform in the capital on a regular basis. Moreover, she runs a monthly show called Melted Beats at KMAH radio, an independent radio focused on electronic music.


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