Manuel Ribeca

Manuel Ribeca (Dj Producer) musical career begins a decade, in the historic club Red zone of its native city Perugia (Italy), thanks to its ability and musical taste it indicates to him to arrive opportunities to play at WMC Miami and the city coveted by all the DJs in the world, Ibiza, which pisa for the first time in 2010 with only 25 years and the opportunity to play in clubs like disappeared El Divino (current Lio) in Ibiza.

Quickly his music gives him a role in the scene more cool of the island participating as dj of private events of big brands. What makes Manuel Ribeca has stopped being a character known for working as a model in Italy and becoming a figure in the club scene, thanks to his music and his sets that reach the most demanding audience in the scene electronics in the world.

Without stopping to play his music all over the world, with more than 60 performances in this 2018/19 and combining his residence of MADE IN IBIZA-MAGIC ISLAND in BORA BORA (Ibiza) the first beach club of the world and its integration with the most important group in Italy in terms of clubs and Clubs are concerned, managers such as VILLA DELLE ROSE & PETER PAN (Riccione-Italy) or Club Matis (Bologna-Italy).

He is currently present in the musical production and presented by the record labels Hotl Records, Ozone Recordings or Soleado Records, is in the studio preparing the release of a
E. P of heart music and feeling…


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