Manu Desrets

With his main feature being turn night into fun, Manu Desrets moves the dance floor at each show with joy, dedication and energy.

Renowned for his performances and daily efforts, Manu, at only 26 years of age, has become one of the biggest names in the Argentine music scene. He is among the best DJs in the country.

Born in Spain and currently based in South America, he played his music in the best festivals and night clubs in the continent.

Manu Desrets has lived in many parts of the world but mostly in Europe where he was musically and culturally nurtured.

His career is in constant growth due to his commitment, effort and talent. Today his main motivation focuses on music production and editing on labels like Drumma.

Several EP are expected to be released in Sanity label from the renowned producer Cuartero as well as in Mar- T Wow! label and many more.


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