Loco Sun

Gianmarco Loconsole AKA Loco Sun is an Italian Dj, born in Bari (south of Italy), on September 25, 1996. From his early age, he begin to organize a lot of party with his friends.

Gianmarco has played in a lot of clubs in his city and after this first experience, he established his kind of house music, Dub-techno, Tech-house, Techno. He received very good feedback from a lot of important Dj’s of his town.

He found his A.K.A. ” Loco Sun ” at 16 years old, but at 13 years old, he had an accident with his hand.. From this time he remains with one finger to the right hand. But this problem don’t stop him!! He continue to play in a lot of party and clubs stronger than before. People like his spirit to continue this job, and continue to invite him in a lot of party.

Gianmarco Loconsole is really happy to this people reaction and now he decides to resume with productions.

Stay Tuned!


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