Lino & Manu

Lino & Manu is a well-established duo who has been together for a while now. Their DJ-sets have always been characterized by an eclectic mix of techno and minimal sonority, although always being grounded in the most radical House Music.

Their background builds on highly musical research, which has been contaminated by an accurate and transversal growth.

Evolving from the unmistakable sounds of Miles Davis and Coltrane, to bands that have influenced the world music such as Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Kraftwerk and Massive Attack, Lino & Manu’s music encompasses influences from more innovative artists as Björk or Alva Noto through to the most experimental House and Techno of the 80’s and 90’s.

Their love for these soundscapes drove them to create two bootlegs – one of Thom Yorke and the other of Björk – supported by many artists and producers.

Their experience involves many gigs with hugely talented DJ’s such as Matthias Tanzmann, Ryan Elliot, Laura Jones, Livio e Roby, AlexKid, Nicl Curly, Anthea, Guti, Yaya, Barem, Hobo and Alex Celler.

In parallel their project “White Rabbit” is a collaboration with a trustworthy group of contributors. Since 2009 it’s been giving birth to a great mix of music, vjing and animation, with riveting and experimental parties leaving their mark among the night scenes.

In recent years Lino & Manu have moved to production, with tracks being released under different labels like Alboratory, Not for us Records, Basswalk, Pild, Diva Records & Wave Impact Label.

Besides their Italian experiences they have had the privilege to bring their music to clubs such as “The Egg” in London for the party “Paradox”, and to “Der Visionaere” in Berlin for “Dunkle Dummies”, strengthening their international presence and ensuring that they’re always growing and evolving.


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