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Karmina Milojevic (real name Cindy Milojevic) is a DJ, singer & producer, born on August 22nd 1985 in Creteil France. Daughter of a professional footballer, Michael Milojevic, Cindy spent much of her childhood moving around France following her dad from Brest to Bordeaux, where he was playing for the Girondins of Bordeaux team. Once her father’s career was over, Cindy returned to Paris with her mother and brother.

Her mother was passionate about music, and began DJing in her spare time, which lead her to take her daughter regularly along when she was playing, and that’s where it all started for Cindy.

It was during one of these evenings that Cindy, who was just 15 years old at the time, met a DJ from New York. He fell ill during his set and asked Karmina (who had been practicing on her mum’s equipment at home for quite some time) to take over and basically do her thing…

She did not back down, took over the turntables and it turned out a success. That is when ‘Miss Sin’ was born. In turn, her mother now followed her during these evenings.

She then won a DJ competition organized by Radio FG, leaving quite an impression at the time being very young indeed, technically very sound, and though looks are not everything, very lovely to look at too. She went on to mix throughout Europe, and at several major NRJ Party Planet events.

In September 2004 Fun Radio offered her the emblematic Saturday night show “Club Station” from 11pm to 1am (a slot previously held by Laurent Garnier). In January 2005 she released her first single “Lady’s Light” from the album “Queen of The Night”, which would be the last release under her artist name Miss Sin.

Needing to start over, she began a career under the name Karmina Milojevic. She continued producing her own compositions and pursuing her career as a DJ and producer. In 2007, she had releases on Opossum Mini and Fullscale Music, featuring a remix by Mathew Jonson.

During this time she shared decks back to back with Mathew, at the Ibiza Voice Event in Shanghai with Dan Ghenacia and at many other events as well as in Milan at the “Elita Festival” with Luciano, Dinky, 2Many DJs, Nathan Fake, James Holden and Moodyman, to name but a few.

She also played her first Sonar Festival in 2007. She then became a part of Luciano’s Vagabundos party series in the beginning, until her son was born in 2008.

In 2011 she played the Midsommar Festival in Lucerne, in Caprice festival in 2012 and she was resident at Cirque Bonheur in Paris (today called ‘Zig Zag’) where she played along side DJ Tennis, Guti, Heidi, Davide Squillace and more.

Always being in the studio between her gigs last winter she worked on a live act for her new project called Dune together with Tonio, they already work for five years together and she says about those five years that she learned a lot from him and finds the adrenaline she missed in the last years while DJing in producing music.

She first set foot on Ibiza 16 years ago, played for the legendary Zenith on the terrace of Space, was, as said, part of the Vagabundos family, had a residency in Ibiza’s best underground club, Underground, where she sometimes invited guests like Mathew Jonson as a surprise act during her gigs. Since May 2016 she finally settled on Ibiza and works from here on as her homebase.

Ever since, Karmina has redefined her style, somewhere located between Deep House and Deep Tech House spiced with her own vocals, always ahead of the time and style, always fresh, sexy and seductive. Her tracks have been remixed by the likes of Mathew Jonson (Minus, Cobblestone Jazz, Crosstown Rebels), Alejandro Lopez (aka Jandroide/ Soma Records), Matthew Lima (Amazing Rec) and Matthew Burton (Visionquest, Leftroom).

She works on her own with nothing but her computer and a basic studio at home, proof that she knows exactly what she is doing, combining her skills as producer with her own voice, mixing it down to her very own style, which she calls herself Slow-groovefunkbluesteknoexcitedelectro with a sprinkling of melancholy sometimes and most probably played at 105 to 120 bpm’ as she recently stated at an interview on dubibiza.com – Ibiza’s leading underground platform – Read the full interview here.


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