Javi Muñoz

Javi Muñoz is a DJ and Producer born in Menorca and resident in Ibiza since 1990.

The spectacular growth of house music along with the latest evolution of club culture in Spain throughout the early 90’s has brought Javi Muñoz to experiment with different sounds. His style of musical productions and DJ sessions is defined as Electro house.

In a short period of time he has become an eminent DJ in Ibiza. He held a residency in Privilege and Space in addition to occasionally playing in Amnesia and Pacha.

His interest of giving his own innovative style to house music has enabled him to travel around the world. He has delivered sessions in Queen (Paris), Ministry (Moscow), Joia (Miami), 90 Grade (Berlin), Kapital (Madrid), Puzzle (Valencia), and Radost Fx (Prague) and many others.

His international experience with time has been enriched with his personal underground touch: an electro and deep groove that pleases the most difficult clubbers.

Javi has been a resident in some of the most prominent clubs in Barcelona including Discotheque, La Terrazza, and Danzatoria. He is the current resident DJ in the famous Catwalk club.

Delivering talented innovative style and deep sound in his sessions, Javi Muñoz brings fresh air and an amazing atmosphere made in Barcelona, Spain.


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