James Puentes

Finding his feet as a DJ on pirate radio stations during the ’90s, James Puentes is a long-familiar name on the London club scene. These days favouring the classier end of groove-based house and techno, he’s a regular feature at the capital’s leading club nights, playing all over the country during his already illustrious career, most days are spent slogging away in his Hackney studio where he works hard crafting out his own distinctive dancefloor sound as a producer as well as spinning records ready for his widely-respected vinyl sets.

A self-taught musician, he learnt his trade as a DJ on a pair of Soundlabs back in the ’90s and with 20 years of all things music knowledge under his belt. His encyclopedic house sets are as educated as they come.

A well-connected, amicable guy who always lets the music do the talking, James has amassed countless friends on the UK dance scene over the years.

A lover of music for the right reasons, he prides himself on being a versatile DJ who can read a dancefloor and control a crowd any time of day or night. A master of sexy yet earthy percussive grooves, he’s as careful to please a dancefloor as he is of preserving his own values as a world-class vibe creator.

“I want to make others feel the way I feel when listening or playing music. Witness the satisfaction people have through my judgement of music,” said James when asked about his love of DJing.

Keep your eyes and ears peels for a string of releases over the coming months…


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