Jairo Delli

In an attempt to avoid cold descriptions or pretentious speeches, Jairo Delli’s work in the musical microcosm places itself in the realm of the purely emotional, like an inherent extension of his strong personality that unfolding itself in front of a turntable and a mixer.

From his privileged position at the head of Six Sound Records, he can transport beyond the walls of the Canary Islands the musical concept, which thanks to producers like him, are attracting the attention of DJs worldwide that are constantly searching new musical trends that might refresh the global electronic scene.

His musical productions are a sincere proposal and yet, as effective as risky. You only need to enter his own space on Beatport so as to confirm that his beats give off a camouflaged uncontainable energy underneath bass lines which drag to perdition along with some relentless drum tracks which are inexorably hypnotic, almost touching the exoticism which suggests Jairo’s subtropical provenance. It is not in vain that Tenerife boasts that non-transferable insular charisma with which all its local musical producers seem to smear their own releases.

As for Jairo Delli, his musical background is anchored in the purely Atlantic sound dating back to the last years of the 90’s decade, although this hesitant initiation trip of his started to gradually develop to become a solid proposal which helped him obtain, among hundreds of participants, a priceless place in the top ten ranking of the Arenal Sound Festival in Castellón (Spain).

That turning point marked his musical career, and he then started to produce tracks with a consistent brush stroke, besides creating his own record label “Six Sound Records”, which nowadays is a music benchmark in and outside the Canaries. As from that moment onwards, he hasn’t stopped accumulating requests from renowned musical producers such as Fabián Argomedo, Mario Calegari or the very César del Río, for whom he has put together a remix of Geminis together with Adrián Izquierdo.

His unlimited resources and his chameleon ability to adapt himself to all trends of house music, including techno, deep and some inroads in garage, have made him an object of desire for other record labels such as 303 Loverds Natural Viva Six Sound Records Southpark, Ritmical, Get Funky, Kubu Music, 3Star Muzik, Delicious or Punta del Este Records.

Jairo Delli has sought and has indeed found his own musical speech and his extensive portfolio of musical productions reflects his own identity which has matured over the years behind DJ booths and his own recording studio. The end result is merely the beginning.


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