Genluigi Pepe

Genluigi Pepe is a DJ-Producer of the province of Naples. From an early age he received education and training in piano, then will remain enchanted by electronic sounds and techno 90’s -2000.

In 2006 he met his teacher Emiliano Onoratelli (Emilove dj) and it is thanks to him that Pepe starts to take part in his first-underground techno events in the area. His musical style ranges from tech house to techno and melodic, while his productions are more oriented towards an underground techno.

A few years later began his path of disk jockey, first performing in the clubs of the Sorrento peninsula as The Fauno, Artis Domus, the Club, Hollywood… later is called to perform in clubs like Dolcevita(SA), Cycas ( NA), Macbeth (SA) and many others.

In 2015, after some years of experience gained as a producer, Genluigi Pepe begins to publish their music in collaboration with Emilove with gaining the support of famous DJs like Move it, Joseph Capriati, Sam Divine, Lonya and many others.

The principles of 2016 the friend-master Emiliano Onoratelli founded the label “Love To Love Records” and it is with that Genluigi Pepe works directly and has published his latest works supported by the likes of Paco Osuna caliber, Sam Divine, Joseph Capriati, Djose Elenko, MJ Cole and many more…


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