Gabriel Torres

It wasn’t always just Cuttin’ Headz for Gabriel Torres — the journey started with local Turntablist DMC competitions until the ripe age of 22. After that, Gabriel was thrown into the ever-evolving world of trance. That passion grew around 2001 with strong inspiration from [old school] Tiesto.

While trance guided his evolving path, house and techno was always a behind the scenes influence for Gabriel from the likes of producers/dj’s like (Full Intension, Roger Sanchez, Franki Biazzi, Speedy J, Danny Tenaglia, Danny Howells, Sasha + Digweed John Tejada and others) this profoundly profoundly influenced his developing sound.

These early days were driven by Big Apple hot spots like Vinyl, followed by Acre, Spirit, Crobar, Lime Light, Twilo, Shelter and Love. While obtaining his audio engineering degree from SAE NYC, he met his business/production partner and long-time friend, Patrick Grooves. Patrick then introduced him to Filsonik and the rest was history — the three went on to successfully open Gran Manzana Records, which features releases from the likes of Guti and Luca Serra.

Around the same time, Gabriel dug his way into the deep progressive world, thanks to NYC influences Brad Miller and Rory James, who he later moved on to build great friendships with. The two brought Gabriel into a whole new musical pallet, introducing him to sounds from Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc and others.

From there, Gabriel Torres began to sprout his opening sound, which is very deep tech and deep house driven. With influence and inspiration from the entire Cuttin’ Headz crew, he truly started developing his peak-hour, Cuttin Headz sound, with a touch of acid. Gabriel is persistent in the studio as well. Be on the lookout for hopeful releases on the label come 2017.


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