Harold Enriquez known as Fiin is a Miami based DJ. Fiin has always had a massive passion for music, but through impact for electronic music was when a friend showed him an old after-hours mixed album by Oscar G from the early day s of Space Miami, which it completely opened up his ears to a whole new level for the genre of music, the industry and determination to learn how to DJ.

After years of study and practice Fiin decided to take part in a local DJ competition and as a reward for his talents secured his first proper gig opening for Coyu at Steam (Once Vagabond) in Downtown Miami. From that gig, he landed another opening slot on a special pop-up by Humans Alike Events featuring Apollonia.

Shortly after these two gigs Fiin was given the opportunity to play several slots of Heart Nightclub and not long after was offered residency in which he still holds with the venue. Now, Fiin spends most of his time refining his production skills building a library of music catalog, in which he will release when the timing is just right.


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