High above the ground, on the eighth floor of Rotterdam’s typical landmark ‘Het Groot handelsgebouw’, there is The Suicide Club. A club that seamlessly complements the already eclectic, willful and increasingly international character of the city.

Join us for a rough yet elegant night at the club, celebrating true passion for music, food and art. Over the weekend, the hottest skybar transforms into a nightclub, connecting the tricksy night owls in town. Passion for the musical arts make for the edgy, distinguishing and ever moving program that will take the fancy of its every visitor.
The Suicide Club is there for the ones who feel attracted to the nocturnal and the repetitive movement of the dance floor. One who seeks quality and depth now knows where to go.
Join the club.

The Suicide Club
Stationsplein 45
The Netherlands
t: 010 8468797
e: hello@thesuicideclub.nl
w: www.thesuicideclub.nl

Wednesday & Thursday: 16:00-02:00
Friday & Saturday : 16:00-05:00
Sunday from 16:00-02:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday