Plaza Mayor de El Poble Espanyol

The largest and most emblematic space in the precinct adapts to any type of event and activity, whether by day or by night. A replica of the Castilian square of Riaza in Segovia, it’s ideal for large festivals, street parties, concerts, banquets, film shoots, etc. It’s one of Barcelona’s most exceptional open-air venues, but it can also be covered if necessary.

The precinct offers a long list of venues for holding intimate concerts, but also the Main Square, the ideal setting for a large-format musical event (up to 5,000 people)
In the open air and far from the traffic, Poble Espanyol’s Main Square has excellent acoustics. In fact, it is one of the classic locations of the summer concerts in the city of Barcelona.

There’s no need for special permits or to hire generators and the times are flexible.