DJ V is one of the few DJs who can own more than one genre in the house music industry. He started his career at Hollywood Rythmoteque in Milan in the early part of the year 2000 and continued to play in the finest clubs in Italy until 2005.

In 2005, no longer feeling stimulated by the nightlife in Milan and not seeing himself working in a corporate environment DJV decided to progress his career in London.

Whilst working at Hollywood Club he was offered many exclusive DJing opportunities, he then decided to go to Movida, a high-end West End club in central London.

During his stay at Movida DJ V created and established an underground scene in the back room of the club, this regular party at Movida became so popular that he was invited to play at renowned London dance club Fabric in 2006.

Vittorio’s musical career continued to mature when he started playing at Kubickle, an exclusive party in East London for friends and a crowd of 80 people.

Guest DJs from Fabric would finish their gigs and attend on Sunday mornings to play for free, hang out and experience this musical genius. Soon, Kubickle became Fabric’s unofficial after party.

It was while he was djing at the Kubickle that he discovered the spirit of the music: that music was truly an exchange of energy between the DJ and the public.

Over the past few years, DJ V has spent his time between NY and Ibiza, improving his skills in playing deep and tech house. This led him to start to work with Marco Carola, playing regularly at Music on events around the world.

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