David Aurel

In his earliest days his parents have discovered his musical talent and decided to send their son to a music school to support this talent. After playing the saxophone for many years, David Aurel discovered the electronic music.

It’s all about the music and David Aurel is always about music: Even back then he didn’t care too much about all the glam a life as a dj promises. This is the explanation for his next step: Instead of following his friends at the turntables, he has spent his nights with them in their producing studios, watching them when they were making music. And so the wish to produce his own tracks has grown from day to day.

…and then his first single “Cuentame”, a co-production with Dario D’Attis, came out and became an instant club hit.

Motivated by this kick off-success he decided to follow this path, curious where it may lead. And so he has produced more tracks and at this point he started djing to be closer at the pulse of club music. Club Supermarket Zurich, a clubbing-institution in Switzerland, was the first club with a booking request for him. With his groovy, powerful and bass-dominated style he was the “artist to watch” in no time and it didn’t take too long until his mixing skills were near to perfection.

But all of this were just the first few steps of a long and successful career: David Aurel still plays and produces for the music and not for the show and in the world of club music you call this sustained yield.


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