With more than eight years in the industry, Cuevas is best described as a creative and driven artist who continually advances and grows with his fans, sound, brand and affiliations.

An international resident of High Club Pereira (Colombia) residing in Cordoba.

His passion for electronic music has evolved over the years to become a successful career in global play.

His influences are Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Sex Troxler, TMB, He frequently plays in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Chile and Argentina other destinations.

He also plays regularly in the underground, places like B12 Ibiza and Chalet511 Madrid, Sala Cosmos Sevilla High Club Pereira, Baum and Octava Bogota and many more.

Cuevas also produces its own music and in 2018 and recently 2019 it was recognized as one of Beatport’s 100 best in terms of new tech house promises.

He has also had several other successful releases and collaborations with labels such as Harvibal, 1994 Music and Be One Records.

Cuevas’ interest in music began at an age of 22 years when he was naturally attracted to the art of music and that is when he decided to start being part of this industry.

At that time he changed his creative approach and soon after began to spin in the local clubs.

Cuevas’ music continues to fall apart and can only be expected to continue achieving the goals that he puts himself doing what he loves.

In 2019 he hopes to be on the road, so he can connect more with his fan base, grow his global presence and support the growth of the electronic music movement.


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