CLiVe is an Italian artist (from Brescia near Milan). The first approach to the vinyl and the drawer goes back to his 14 years in a garage where he began to cultivate the art of the mix. The first performances take place at private parties and minor premises up to 1993, which landed in the first real club near his home called Kaleido / Cinema.

He collects many experience and consensus and sends the first demo to labels hometown. In ’94 the first vinyl record with the label Dj Movement (Pieradis Rossini label).

For three years CLiVe working with this label and then move his choice and his demo production toward an underground world of music and he start to work with another label: Oxyd Records..In ’94 CLiVe debut as residence dj in 2 little local club. After this experience make it for many years in ’99 CLiVe start with local prestige among which Mazoom / Le Plaisir and Alter Ego with the occasional appearance in local off Italy as in Finland, Switzerland.

CLiVe, Has always stood out for the versatility of the DJ set evidently influenced by his desire to expand the musical culture trying to study music too old. Not only that, around the same He study piano and makes’ a radio program (a local station) on Saturday; a completely underground radio program.

In 2005 arrive the Record collaboration group consecration with two international hits ..Rum & Cocaina by Ritch & Bitch and Shining Star by Get Far : both song under original composer. He created and mixed with other dj a compilations line of the club called White Trash compilation (Le Plaisir) for 11 years.

In addition to this is the creator along with Walter S (Italian DJ well known) as composer and author for the backing tracks used in fashion shows by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli in Just Cavalli line. Over the years it plays an important role in the organization of the Pride label records and Mazoom Lab, the label born from mazoom le plaisir clubs group until 2013 and he is also resident dj too the club.

Then come along to other friends and so many manufacturers some productions with luck in the world charts always underground scene… It ends collaboration with Mazoom club that has lasted 14 years He creates a line of labels (which manages and distributes 12) for new friends and talented young artists.

CLiVe during his work about the 2005 meet AudioHell with the project Digital Traffik. They make a collaboration that continues for 7/8 years. In 2016 CLiVe is the new A & R of Digital Traffik . Meanwhile his music is distributed by various and ipomnrtanti label worldwide (Deeperfect, King Street, Fingers Smiley, Traum, Kinetika, Lapsus, and of course Digital Traffik.

In his career as a DJ being the resident of one of the most historic clubs in Italy has played with all international techno dj house is only a few, (Frankie Knuckles, Roger Sanchez, Dennis Ferrer, Ralf, Tama Sumo, Ellen Allien, Magda , Martini, Alex Blacks, Lenny Fountain, Maas Thyme, Leon, Jamie Jones, Martinez Brothers, Tania Vulcano, Jose de DivinA,e System of Survival, and many many others…

An experience in Ibiza marked his first time on the isla own in a digital Traffik Show case in 2011. So many appearances on local Northern Italy as well as Cocoricò and other important clubs complete his background of premises in which he made his experience.

Today, CLiVe in addition to working with many record labels mentioned above he has had awards of various industry magazines such as DJ Mag, Ibiza Voice, Inhouseu, and others.

Now the new programming schedule of Digital Traffik following with his friend AudioHell will have within it a number of well-known names such as, Marco Effe, Neverdogs, Ivkovic, Supernova, Doomwork, Basti Grub and many more surprises but not because he believes that the names are making a difference but only because these names are synonymous with quality music.


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