Loco Sun

16th March 2019 0

Gianmarco Loconsole AKA Loco Sun is an Italian Dj, born in Bari (south of Italy), on September 25, 1996. From his early age, he begin…

Genluigi Pepe

16th March 2019 0

Genluigi Pepe is a DJ-Producer of the province of Naples. From an early age he received education and training in piano, then will remain enchanted…

Matteo Cabassi

11th March 2019 0

Matteo Cabassi born in Reggio Emilia, Italy is a DJ, producer, party promoter and vinyl lover. Matteo first musical productions relying on various record labels…

Thomas Cerutti

8th March 2019 0

Thomas Cerutti, born in January 1993, at 15 years old he began to interest himself in electronic music that soon became a full time passion.…


8th March 2019 0

Elias is a Swiss radio presenter, electronic artist and 'Mirrors' boss 'Mirrors' is a radio event series managed by Elias. Latest... Connect with Elias


18th February 2019 0

Davide Ercolin aka TapeOut is a dj/producer who began to play for his passion for the music. His first release, 'GEHIRN' in the VA on…

Stefano Kosa

7th February 2019 0

Stefano Kosa was born in Milan, son of art, inherited the passion for music from his DJ father, at the age of 16, he moves…


7th February 2019 0

At a young age Markowicz connected instantly to a new type of music we now call techno. Soon after its emergence into the electronic music…