Life is all about learning, evolving and always trying new things. Life, at least for Brixton. The Düsseldorf local who became a household name the world over due to his eccentric and energetic Acid Techno live sets and for his revolutionary label “Holzplatten” has been bringing his unique sound and live performances to major festivals in Germany such as Mayday, Nature One, and Berlin´s infamous Love Parades since 1988 and has for years been a regular fixture in major clubs like Tresor (Berlin) , Distillery (Leipzig), Warehouse (Cologne) and Rex Club (Paris).

In 2012 Brixton became Loco Dice´s tour manager, and throughout his time globe trotting with the Desolat supremo witnessed a new movement and energy on the dance floor. At a transitional point in his musical and artistic evolution, watching Dice deliver slamming 4/4 beats on packed clubs and festivals all around the world was just the inspiration that Brixton needed to become fully converted. Immediately identifying with the energy and clean, tight driving sound of tech house, he went back into the studio after many years away, a man with a purpose, and in the ensuing transformative process, Brixton 2.0 was born.

Only a year since going back into the studio, Brixton re-emerged championing a modern tech-house sound, with an old school acid-techno inspired twist. The immediate success of his first productions is evident: a guest mix for “Desolat im Salon” was swiftly followed by a Remix of the classic “I Love to Love” by Tina Charles – his way of giving a nod to the heroes of the past whilst always looking towards the future. Furthermore, other new productions were featured on Loco Dice´s Defected Presents In the House series and also on Carl Cox´s Space Ibiza 25th Anniversary compilation. Such immediate positive critical reception vindicated his transformation and galvanized him to keep pushing himself to new creative levels.

After a short but inspirational tour to South America at the beginning of 2014 where he played to sweaty packed clubs and wild crowds, Brixton returned to Europe, even more driven and focused on fine-tuning his new sound and delivering more quality productions that he could be proud of. Simultaneously, he started hosting his own showcase party, “Brixton Invites”, with international guest DJs and long time friends performing for small crowds in unique venues.

Finally, Brixton can feel like his transformation is complete, he has found his own sound, but now a new adventure begins.


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